My child was exposed to some inappropriate content on Roblox. I feel awful and don’t know what they saw. What should I do?

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Unfortunately, you can't guarantee that your children won't see inappropriate content online — accidentally or intentionally.

Start by talking to your child about what they saw. Provide a safe space. Many children keep problems secret from their parents because they fear they might get in trouble. Let your children know that you want to protect them, so they can talk openly about their internet use without being judged or punished. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you about what they saw, encourage them to speak with a counselor or other professional.

You can also take the following steps to block inappropriate and adult content from finding your child in the future:

  • Install a parental controls app on all of your devices  
  • Use Apple Screen Time on Macs, iPads, and iPhones
  • Set up Microsoft Family Safety on Windows devices
  • Enable Google Family Link, or use Google Play safety settings
  • Turn on browsing filters, such as Google SafeSearch
  • Take advantage of age-specific social media settings 
  • Block adult content on your home router
  • Ask your ISP about content filters 
  • Limit what content your child can consume on YouTube
  • Enable built-in family safety features in gaming consoles

You can also check out our Parents' ultimate guide to Roblox to get you up to speed on the game.

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