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Screen time can get a bad rap when it’s used excessively, and for good reason. But there are a lot of positive benefits that can come from online connection.

For instance, it saved many of our workplaces and schools during the pandemic, helped us connect with friends and family and the world, let us access the latest news in an instant, and kept us entertained. 

In fact, there are even more meaningful ways to use our devices. Our devices can help us connect with a community bigger than our immediate circle and help us improve our lives and the lives of others. Here are ways your family can use devices for good.

Virtual volunteering.

Online volunteering can be a more convenient way to give back. Find a cause that ties well with your kid’s or family’s interests. Are you a history buff? Check out the Smithsonian digital volunteering opportunities. Animal lover? The World Animal Foundation provides tips for making a difference at home. Parents can even volunteer their professional talents (graphic design, legal help, etc.) via or


Community events.

Finding a community of people with like-minded interests can expand kids' minds to the world beyond home and school. Eventbrite and other community-driven sites host workshops on financial health, wellness, and careers that parents may also find useful.


Explore mentoring opportunities! You can mentor teens and tweens in Africa through Infinite Family, mentor in your community through local organizations, or mentor business professionals. Talk to your kids about the importance of serving others and the ultimate feel-good they gain as a result.

Gaming for good.

Got a gamer (or two or three) in the house? Introduce them to the charitable side of gaming through nonprofit organizations like Gamers for Good or by learning more through the Gaming for Good podcast. Kids (and you) can feel good about online gaming while finding a greater purpose in serving others. You may all find that helping others is quite contagious!

Online volunteering can also teach kids valuable lessons that come with philanthropy - goal setting, project planning, not to mention empathy.

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