7 tips to keep your kids safe on BeReal

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BeReal is a unique photo sharing app—it doesn’t use any filters, everyone posts a picture simultaneously, and there are no parental controls.

It’s understandable that you might be concerned about letting your kids use this popular social media app. But there are benefits to BeReal too. The lack of filters means that BeReal may not have some of the same negative effects on body image as Instagram does, and strangers can’t follow your kids without sending a request.

If you decide to let your kids use BeReal, these seven tips can help make BeReal safer for everyone.

1. Only connect with real-life friends

Like many social media platforms, BeReal requests a phone number at signup. The app will then connect to your kids’ contact lists and show them which of their friends has a BeReal account.

BeReal users must send—and approve—friend requests. The only accounts you can follow without sending a request are those belonging to public figures, influencers, and brands.

2. Don’t post on BeReal unless it’s safe to do so

BeReal’s biggest quirk is that users can’t post to the app multiple times throughout the day, like on TikTok or Facebook. Instead, BeReal sends a notification to all users once a day—and everyone’s supposed to post a photo within the two-minute window that follows. The BeReal app actually takes two photos—one using the front selfie camera, and one using the back camera.

If someone doesn’t post, they won’t be able to see their friends’ photos for that day.

This creates a false sense of urgency, and some kids or teens may be tempted to post a BeReal even when it’s not safe to do so (such as when driving, or walking across the street). Make sure your kids know that they won’t miss out on all that much if they miss a post ... and that you’ll know if they’re posting when they shouldn’t, because you’re going to friend them on BeReal too!

3. Turn off location sharing

BeReal’s limited safety features include the ability to turn off location sharing on posts. Of course, someone could still establish where your kids are based on the background in their pictures—but turning off geotagging is a good place to start.

4. Don’t share photos to the Discover feed

While BeReal is built around the idea of people seeing what their friends are up to in real time, the app includes a “Discover” feed that includes content from around the world.


5. Report inappropriate content

BeReal also has a report feature that allows you or your kids to submit content for review. According to BeReal’s community terms, users aren’t supposed to put inappropriate content on the app. If it slips through, go ahead and report it to the app.

6. Use a separate parental control app

If you’d like to set a time limit on your kids’ BeReal usage, you’ll need to do so through their Android or iOS device settings—or use a parental control app.

You won’t be able to filter out specific content on BeReal when using a parental control app, but you can limit the time (or times of day) your kids can be on BeReal.

7. Practice good online safety habits

Developing strong internet safety habits can help your kids stay safe on BeReal, too. These include:

  • Not sharing personal data in BeReal posts
  • Retaking photos right away if you’re uncomfortable with what’s shown (BeReal allows limited retakes and post deletions each day)
  • Only responding to messages from people you know

For more information on how your family can stay safe on BeReal, check out our guide to Parental controls: your guide to safeguarding kids online.

BeReal users have the option to share a photo with just their friends, or to the public feed. By requesting that your kids limit their posts to friends only, you can reduce the number of people who see their content.

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